Tools for Killer Content: Pen and Paper?

Can handwriting help your content marketing? What if your marketing communications pieces started out in longhand? Do you write anything in longhand anymore? Does your marketing communications writer? Could be something to it. Freelance writer Lexi Rodrigo posted a list of her favorite copywriting tools, among which are pen and paper. She writes: When you […]

3 Lessons on Cleaning Up Copy

“Cleaning up” copy is harder and more nebulous than it sounds. When you want your marketing communications writer to go over existing text, keep a few lessons in mind. Jean, a marketing manager for a new client, sent me a creative brief for some Web copy. As I was finishing the copy, she sent another […]

Persona(lity) non grata

Creative brief checklist item #8: Put some ketchup on those fries. “Ketchup on fries” is the fast-food equivalent of putting personality in your writing. Does your company want that or not? On which pieces? White papers and position papers are notoriously devoid of personality. “Get the facts down, persuade the reader to see things in […]