“I Can’t See Myself in Your White Paper” – 2 Quick Fixes

Your readers need to see themselves in the marketing content you publish. Otherwise, you’re a marketing manager just writing to hear yourself shout. You know those year-end letters you receive around the holidays from your friends and family members? The ones filled with all the valuable content and important details that pop into your Uncle […]

Your Content is So Good that I Can’t Tell How You Make Money

Make your marketing content so valuable and so good that readers can’t tell how you make money. Here are three examples of a new kind of valuable content. What if you removed every trace of self-serving-ness from your marketing content? What if you filled your blog, white papers, newsletters and technical articles with content that […]

Six Reasons You Can’t Get Your Content Marketing to Work

Excuses, reasons, challenges, obstacles…call them what you will, they’re mosquitoes at your Content Buffet that hamper marketing efforts. Marketing managers: If you’re trying to understand content marketing, you need to follow these three sources: Marketing Charts – thought-provoking data and useful factoids served up daily Content Marketing Institute – most of what you need to […]

A Japanese Take on Content Marketing

Marketing communication managers grow long-lived bodies of content like white papers, case studies and blog posts. What if time didn’t matter in content marketing? Consider a Japanese approach to content marketing in which the content disappears after about a day. What can you learn from that? American content marketer extraordinaire David Meerman Scott wrote a […]

When is a White Paper Not a White Paper? When It’s a Playbook

Marketing communication managers don’t need to call everything a white paper. In fact, they often do better to give that designation a rest. From MarketingProfs comes this post about the YouTube Creator Playbook for planning, posting and maintaining video on the site. Have a look at it to see what they mean by “playbook.” It’s […]

Case Studies and Your Prospect’s Head – 3 Takes

Marketing managers use case studies to explain how their products are used. What kind of ideas do your case studies plant in your prospect’s mind? How does your organization use case studies? Do you realize how potent a tool they can be in your Content Buffet? [Quick factoid in case you want to be convinced: […]

White Paper Blues – When Execs Want to Help

You can’t fault an exec for wanting to get involved in creating your marketing content. But you should handle it delicately. “So I have good news and bad news,” the director of marketing started off. Just when I thought we were out of the tunnel on this campaign… “The good news is that we’ve shown […]

No Time to Create Great Content? Choose Good Content

Marketing managers don’t always have the time, writing skills or resources for great content. Don’t wait for the ideal; get something decent out there. “But I’m not much of a writer,” you moan. “How am I supposed to get a content marketing campaign going without spending a jillion dollars on great content?” That’s true. Great […]

Embedding a “Retweet This” Inside a PDF

Embedding a “Retweet This” inside a PDF is a neat hack. Recent Twitter changes have affected it, though. If your Old Twitter retweet links aren’t working, here’s a solution. It’s rare that I post on the mechanics of content marketing, but I think this entry is overdue. Last year in Social Media Guide and Social […]

“You tweetin’ to me? Huh?”*

Whom are you addressing in your tweets? Can they tell you’re tweeting to them? Try addressing your audience in your tweets and micro-posts. When people look at a column of your tweets, can they tell who the intended audience is? When they land on your Facebook page, can they scan your posts and figure out […]