3 Tips for Anonymous Case Studies

Case studies and customer success stories are the dessert of The Content Buffet because of the credibility they lend you. But when you can’t drop names, try these tips. “It’s a solid case study,” said Dan. “Too bad we can’t use it.” “Why not?” I asked. “I sent it to the customer last week, but […]

Steal This White Paper Outline!

The first step in writing a white paper is an outline, which acts as a skeleton that you flesh out with evidence and persuasion. My post last October, 4 Elements of a White Paper Outline, resulted in a large number of visits, so I’ll go into more detail in this post. As a matter of […]

Wit in Corporate Writing? 3 Places to Try It, and Lots of Places to Avoid It

Before you try to write witty corporate or marketing content, know your ideal reader intimately. Otherwise, don’t even bother. Witty? Says who? Well, that’s really what it all gets down to, then, isn’t it? Who says your writing is witty? And who gives him/her the authority to judge it? “Give me a place to stand, […]

“I Don’t Want to Listen to You, But I’ll Listen to Your Stories.”

Hire marketing communications writers who can tell a good story. Then have them tell yours. The biggest problems around creating new, interesting content are: Finding time to do it consistently. Finding talent to do it “magnetically.” Finding an angle to do it “engagingly.” These problems go away if you think in terms of stories. Prospects […]

3 Reasons Why You’ve Got a Bad Case of Bad Case Studies

Case studies can be low-hanging fruit for the marketing manager, but it’s easy to get them wrong and end up with ineffective content posing as a case study. “I’ve got a series of webinars that are recorded interviews with customers,” the director of marketing said. “I want to have the webinars transcribed, then turn the […]

“Hey, Marketing Manager. Tell Me a Story.”

  People won’t read all the way through your 250-word press release, but they will read your 1000-word story. Can your marketing communications writer deliver a story for you?     Susan Straight, professor of creative writing at University of California at Riverside, posted an editorial in the Los Angeles Times: Over the years, some […]

Customer Interviews in the Content Buffet

Do you know how powerful customer interviews can be to your content buffet? Have you spent time collecting testimonials and endorsements from your clients? In its report, “Social Media 10 x 10,” Beeline Labs calls these “the one social strategy with 10x the value of any other social media tactic.” An eVoc Insights study found […]

“Flat” Is the New “Up”

Our operations manager was talking to the VP of marketing of a client about whom we had just written a case study. I was on the call because I had tried unsuccessfully for several months to get the VP to review and approve the draft of this case study that hadn’t gone all that well, […]

A Case Study That Didn’t Go Well

“We need you to interview the VP of marketing at Zog Systems and write up a case study on how they use our software tools,” said the product manager. To me. “But if you want a technical case study, why interview the VP of marketing?” “He’s the interview we can get. Make it work.” Now, […]

A Case Study That Went Well

Do you use case studies in your marketing? Have you had good luck in creating them? Are they capturing eyeballs? I’ll cut to the chase: Interviewing and writing up a customer success story or case study goes well when the customer contact is a clever person, and when the writer, if need be, can get […]