Case Study Questions: “Tell Me About…”

Case studies and customer success stories don’t just happen; your questions make them happen. Here are some ideas on new ways to draw out your interviewees. You’ve scheduled a phone interview with a customer who is willing to reference your products. You’ve sent along a list of questions on the topics you’ll be covering. Now […]

Case Studies and Your Prospect’s Head – 3 Takes

Marketing managers use case studies to explain how their products are used. What kind of ideas do your case studies plant in your prospect’s mind? How does your organization use case studies? Do you realize how potent a tool they can be in your Content Buffet? [Quick factoid in case you want to be convinced: […]

The White Paper Outline – Discover, Consider, Decide

Breaking your white paper into these three parts can help you build a campaign around it. Start with your white paper outline. It was supposed to be a simple, short paper: We’re looking for 4-6 pages of copy. It’s for a lead generation campaign. It’s about our new line of wireless schmedlapps. That’s all they […]

What Should and Shouldn’t Go into Your White Paper

What are you going to put into that white paper you’re planning? Don’t fill it with garbage or you’ll annoy your readers and lose their trust. It’s easy to confuse “we need to write a white paper” with “we need to tell more people about us.” Wise marketing managers are able to discriminate between these […]

Turning Webinars into Searchable Text

Webinars take time and money. Here’s how to get the most of each out of yours, and get search engine clout in the bargain. Webinars, videos, customer interviews, conference proceedings, panel discussions…marketing managers expend a lot of sweat in setting these events up, and they deserve to reap sweat equity from all that effort. How […]

Customer Interviewing – Some Basics

Interviewing customers for case studies and success stories is the marketing writer’s stock in trade. Some ideas on getting the most out of it. The case study or customer success story is to your Website what a recommendation is to your LinkedIn profile: an excellent addition to your trophy case. But it’s a long road […]

Want Great Case Study Interviews? Ask These 3 Great Questions

The interview’s the thing, wherein you’ll catch the conscience of the…customer. Three easily overlooked questions for your case study interviews. Want a great case study? Make sure your marketing communications writer asks great questions. There’s a bit more to it than that, of course. You need to be sure that you’ve chosen an interviewee who […]

Business to Business Case Studies – Which Format?

Use case studies to show prospects that they’re not the only ones who have the problem. And do it with a good story instead of a datasheet. Marketing managers use B2B case studies so that prospects will think, Hmm. If this product can do that for them, maybe we can get it to solve our […]

Breaking a Case Study into Two Pieces

Separating a case study project into the outline and the body can help you manage the risk that your customer may not approve it. How many times have you wanted to write up a textbook-perfect case study in your organization? Doesn’t it seem like just the kind of piece to populate your content marketing campaign, […]

7 Marketing Questions and Formats for Answering Them

If the role of marketing is to start a conversation, then the role of the marketing manager is to come up with new answers to a handful of questions from prospects. Consider everything you have your marketing communications writers do for you in light of a few life-or-death questions that your prospects pose: 1. “Who […]