Blogging is Tough. Passion Makes It Bearable.

Thousands of blogs are born each day, but it’s not all sweetness and light. A summary of the downside of blogging, whether for yourself or for your organization. Even back in 2006, Technorati was estimating that 175,000 new blogs were born each day, or one every half-second. Even if only one-tenth of them made it […]

Wit in Corporate Writing? 3 Places to Try It, and Lots of Places to Avoid It

Before you try to write witty corporate or marketing content, know your ideal reader intimately. Otherwise, don’t even bother. Witty? Says who? Well, that’s really what it all gets down to, then, isn’t it? Who says your writing is witty? And who gives him/her the authority to judge it? “Give me a place to stand, […]

“I Don’t Want to Listen to You, But I’ll Listen to Your Stories.”

Hire marketing communications writers who can tell a good story. Then have them tell yours. The biggest problems around creating new, interesting content are: Finding time to do it consistently. Finding talent to do it “magnetically.” Finding an angle to do it “engagingly.” These problems go away if you think in terms of stories. Prospects […]

3 Ways to Make Small Marketing Pieces Work

Re-purposing content is part of the art of marketing. Have your marketing communications writer convert big-bite content into multiple smaller pieces and put them into different channels. “We have a white paper, but it’s too long for this day and age.” Of course, the engineer or executive who wrote the paper doesn’t think that, but […]

5 Questions When Meeting Marketing Writers in the Wild

When you meet marketing communications writers in networking situations, here are 5 useful questions for qualifying them. Believe it or not, freelance marketing writers do get out in the wild from time to time, where, if you’re shopping for writers, you can hire them. You may encounter them at chamber of commerce meetings, industry get-togethers […]

“It’s Time to Feed the Blog Again”

It’s not easy to keep your content machine fed, is it? You’re finding out that providing valuable content to your readers really does take some work, doesn’t it? When you were a kid, responsible for the family dog, your mom would holler up the staircase, “Timmy! It’s time to feed the dog again!” You remember […]