What’s the Difference Between a Blogger and a Cartoonist?

In at least one important way, there is no difference. Both have to come up with something to fill their spot on the page. Every. Blessed. Day. Longest running comic strips Do you read the newspaper any more? I still get it a couple of days a week. I look forward to the comics – […]

Social Media:1; Blogging: 0

Blogging takes work. Social media takes work, too. But it’s so much shinier and prettier that it’s becoming an easier case for marketing managers to make. A recent article in USA Today points to more companies quitting their blogging efforts in favor of Facebook and Twitter. Who can blame them? Blogging takes work. It’s like […]

I Fought the Law(yers) and The Law(yers) Won

Corporate blogging is not all it’s cracked up to be. Legal review of your marketing content takes some of the fun out of it. But for a good reason. I don’t care what Google’s stock price is. They build an enterprise and reputation their way, and we build it our way. We’re not letting employees […]

No Blog, Wimpy About-Us Page – Are You Hiding Something?

“Not getting around to” blogging or otherwise telling your story may be more than laziness. You’re losing more than traffic; you’re losing cred. Jason Cohen, a technology entrepreneur who’s not afraid to blog about his profession, extends all the sympathy you would expect of a Marine Corp drill sergeant to fellow entrepreneurs who can’t get […]

Facebook Fatigue, and What to Do about It

Every phenomenon reaches a point where everyone is gunning for it. Facebook’s time is here. Jessica Shieh reports in Marketing Profs that recent studies suggest the buzz around Facebook may be in the fast lane to diminuendo. For many of us, dizzied by the number and variety of social media channels in which to tell […]

3 Unexpected Places to Find New Content Sources

Not all content sources are as obvious as your boss’ meeting notes. Smart marketing managers look for content ideas in other places as well. It’s the beginning of the week, and time to round up some meat to feed the content beast in your organization. Do you keep sending your marketing communications writers back to […]

“Now that You Have Their Attention, What Are You Going to Tell Them?”

Content marketing is an exercise in keeping plates spinning. Not only do you need to keep your readers’ attention, but you also need to feed their appetite for content. Josh Shipp, the motivational speaker behind HeyJosh.com, freely describes his rough upbringing as a foster child. Realizing that he was adept at grabbing his classmates’ attention […]

Customer Mistakes – Blog about Them or Not?

Bloggers often learn from and post about mistakes. When it’s our customers who are making the mistakes, should we post on them? In the 1968 comedy The Odd Couple, Jack Lemmon plays Felix Ungar. At a dinner party, he mentions that he writes for TV news broadcasts. Doe-eyed neighbor Cecily Pigeon replies, “That sounds like […]

Ghost Blogging – 3 Ways to Make It Work

Blog-posting for somebody else can play a role in your marketing communications effort. Here are three ways to make it work. In “Ghost Blogging As If It Were Alec Baldwin,” I mentioned that ghost blogging, or posting to a blog in the place of people who are unable to do it themselves, has proponents and […]

Ghost Blogging As If It Were Alec Baldwin

Ghost blogging backs up a recognized person with professional writing experience. Marketing communications writers may also need to tune the person’s voice. Is it blogging? “By the way,” the vice president of product development told me. “I want the posts to have a certain personality. They should sound as if Alec Baldwin wrote them.” Alec […]