Real Freelancers Don’t Choke

This post was written by John White on Tue, 23 Sep 2008 10:54:33 +0000
Posted Under: freelancing,rapport with writer

I’m in the market for a Web developer for an upcoming project. A well-meaning contact pointed me to a former colleague of hers who has a full-time job as a Web designer/developer.

After about 45 seconds it was obvious to me that this person knew plenty about Web design and maybe a little about Web development, but nothing about freelancing. Arrangements like this are not good candidates for a business relationship. Sometimes the net works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

I looked at her (very good) samples during a phone conversation with her, but never did pick up any of the fire in the belly or closer instinct I associate with people who freelance for a living. Sure, every freelancer has a first customer, but even tentative freelancers should convey commitment to prospects.

Look for that commitment in your writer-candidates. If you don’t see it, keep looking.

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